roombr device

How Roombr changes life

Life-size Computing

Roombr is the first to bring computing and projection together. This makes every wall a screen and your virtual environment becomes life-size.

Life-like Computing

Your virtual interactions are not 2D any more. With the walltop computer, you are part of your 3D computing environment.

Near-real video-conferencing, virtual-collaboration

With Roombr, video-conferencing is more true to life – in size and because what you share is not a 2D face but a 3D environment. The interactive wall also makes collaboration more true to life. Makes virtual classes more fun and less app-ish.

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Near-real collaboration

The interactive Roombr Wall makes collaboration near-real. Connect, collaborate and co-create with your colleagues. Be in the same room, even if you are across the world.

Hardware + Software

Collaboration apps have always begun and ended with software. Roombr is the first to go beyond and create hardware as well, to ensure that virtual collaboration is as life-like as possible.

Shared Knowledge Space

Every room is now a shared knowledge space. Invite people to collaborate on your interactive Roombr Wall and then continue collaborating post livesession on Roombr Space. Enhance knowledge with every interaction.

No constraints

You are not constrained by the size of your screen, by the walls of a room, by technology or by the conventional construct of collaboration. The walltop, breaks all walls.


Projection System

1080P (1920x1080)
1500 lumens
Contrast Ratio (FOFO)
Light Source
Projection Lens
Auto Focus

Computing Unit

OS Version
Windows 10
Intel i5 10th Generation
Intel UHD Graphics 630
16 GB
Onboard Storage
1 TB
External Hard Disks can be connected


8MP Front & Rear Camera with 110 degree horizontal wide angle and HD Recording
20W integrated flat panel Hi-Fi Harman Kardon Speakers
High-sensitivity piezoelectric MEMS microphone array with noise cancellation along with the integrated 4 Channel RF microphone system


3 HDMI Ports
Audio In
3.5mm Stereo Jack For External Audio System Connectivity
Audio out
3.5mm Stereo Jack
2 USB (3.0), 2 USB (2.0)
Micro USB
IR Technology (Two IR Pen support)
Wireless Remote


Bluetooth 5
SIM Module

General Specification

110V - 240V / 50Hz - 60Hz
Physical Dimensions
300x300x140mm [approximately]
Operating Environment
10°C to 45°C
CE Compliant
Power Dissipation
Optional Accessories
Display Screen, Wireless keyboard and Mouse, Tripod/Mounting Kit

what happens
when you hit the switch

  • Roombr projects the life-size, interactive Roombr Wall on to your wall
  • You can write, draw, pull images from the Roombr library, access the web or start a video-conference
  • You can invite colleagues to collaborate on your interactive Wall, with Roombr app
  • During the session, you can chat, share images or videos
  • The entire session, presenter, audience and Wall is recorded by Roombr Capture
  • Post session, you can edit and archive the video
  • You can continue the discussion post session, with a chat and share feature (no need to migrate to other apps)
  • Every interaction post session enhance the content you have created.

Roombr Capture
Record, edit, keep alive

Roombr comes with 2 in-built cameras. Which by recording the presenter and the audience, convert your room into a 3-dimensional computing environment. In addition Roombr Capture records all activity on the interactive wall (without the presenter). This gives you multiple edit options – with and without audience, with and without presenter and just the screen. Once edited (smart edit tool helps you edit fast) and archived, your live- session is always available for you to return to. See Remedial Learning

Roombr Wall – the world’s first interactive, computing wall

Roombr Wall is Roombr’s proprietary interactive screen, projected on to your wall. You can write, illustrate, summon images from the Roombr library, summon references from the web. You can also invite colleagues to collaborate on your wall. Which means you could be anywhere, yet in the same room and working on the same whiteboard for all practical purposes.

education make the classroom infinite using Roombr app

The new classroom....

The classroom as we know it, has constraints – the walls, the number of students, the time, lessons can’t be archived, lessons can’t be enhanced. Roombr transforms all that.

Now the walls are broken, one teacher can teach as many classrooms as you wish to – Blended Classrooms – and can teach as many students online as you wish to. Now the time constraints are broken, students can access the recorded class whenever they wish to. Students can also go back to the lessons – Remedial Learning – to understand it better.

Also, both teachers and students can go back to the recorded lesson and chat about it and add relevant / new information on the subject. Thus enhancing each lesson.

Transform learning outcomes

Roombr – go from being a tutor to becoming an institution

Get Roombr solution and your room becomes a classroom. Now you can teach any number of students from the comfort of your home. They can access your classes whenever they want. Your classes can be interactive, informative and infinite. All you need is a room and Roombr.

Roombr – the advantages for schools

Roombr – a new perspective on education


One of the critical issues facing Indian education, is the lack of teachers. Roombr eliminates this. Completely. With Roombr one teacher can teach multiple classrooms, live. In addition, recorded lessons are available for any number of classrooms. Roombr helps our best teachers reach the maximum number of students. Blended Classrooms is one way India can make use of its demographic potential. Children across India, can access the best education available.


Most concepts need repetition. And the solution till today, was tuitions, online learning apps or parents spending long hours with their children. Roombr eliminates this. With Roombr every lesson is recorded. Roombr App archives it and students can go back to it whenever needed. Additional teaching aids likes videos and student-teacher chats can be added and stored alongside each lesson. This helps students get a holistic view and eliminates the need to depend on other sources for remedial learning.


The world is focussing on learning outcomes. Knowledge and skills students acquire are more important than completion of course material and scores. This approach help students connect learning in various contexts, and helps guide assessment and evaluation. Roombr improves learning outcomes as our best teachers can reach all students, it helps students with remedial learning and most importantly, it helps teachers constantly update their lessons with more relevant information.


A 24/7 Roombr School provides better education at a lesser cost. In a 24/7 Roombr School, each lesson is recorded, edited and shared. Students can now access each lesson whenever they need to understand the subject better. No need for tuitions, no need for learning apps. Roombr 24/7 School means parents do not need to spend time coaching their children. Just go to Roombr App and the entire content is there for you, 24/7. If yours is a 24/7 Roombr School, parents spend less for better education.


With Roombr, every recorded lesson is content. Once you have enough, your school’s content becomes an online learning aid that many others might be interested in. This is a great way to earn. As also the best advertisement your school could ever have.


With Roombr, teacher training can become a regular function as travel is eliminated. Teachers don’t need to be together either. Each can access the sessions at their own convenience. With Roombr, you attract more students by improving the quality of your teachers, not increasing the number of teachers. With Roombr Solution, your classrooms become a space that entrepreneurs can use. So if tutors want to do private classes, they can rent your Roombr classrooms after school hours.

Roombr –the advantages for tutors


Yoga? Guitar? Civil service coaching? Get Roombr Solution, install it and your live classroom is ready. Your classes are also be available 24/7 for those who want asynchronous access.


Yoga? Guitar? Civil service coaching? Get Roombr Solution, install it and your live classroom is ready. Your classes are also be available 24/7 for those who want asynchronous access.


Scaling up your classes does not mean more lessons and more hours any more. It just means providing more students access to your class! Takes a minute.

Integrated Solution

Integrated hardware and software solution for integrated learning.

Plug and Play

The only plug and play digital online learning aid.

Seamless Solution

End-to-end secure, super easy to scale.


Complete video collaboration solution with tools for near-real interaction.


Modular, flexible and cost-effective. One-time investment.


No other solution offers what Roombr does.