Roombr App

an app that transforms conferencing and collaboration

Roombr app that helps you connect, conference and collaborate. That too, infinitely. App takes your room and your interactions live across the web. It also records and archives the interaction. Both during the live interaction and after, it allows you to chat and share images and videos that add value to your discussion. This means that you don’t have to move to other messaging and mailing apps after your discussion. Thus all your information is in one place, for always. And every time you go back to the archive and add to it, you enhance knowledge.

What makes Roombr App unique

Manage users ( students and teachers )

Connect with teachers anytime via chat, audio and video call

Collaborative whiteboard

Manage class, course, subjects

Screen share and multimedia content sharing

iphone 2

Create instant and scheduled classes

Record the class session and share it with students

Invite students and guest to the session

Manage content using drive

Master control for teachers

Make every lesson and classroom more productive

Connect, collaborate and co-create, from across the world. Meet teachers, students and colleagues like they are in the same room, regardless of where they are. Go back to sessions whenever you have an idea to add to it.

Roombr App – a quick look